The Three Appmigos

Web300 Web Media Production


In Brief:

This is a Web Media Production (WMP) intended for web distribution.

The Three Appmigo’s have created an innovative online WMP that explores and embodies social media convergence and social media networks.

The Three Appmigos team will be exploring social media and how it has assimilated in today’s society. Being involved in social media today can be as easy as logging on to a social media network on a computer or by downloading a social media network app to your smart device, giving you access to what is happening in your world at the push of a button. Our Web Media Production will explain the history of social media networking (Part 1); the present uses of social media networking and social media applications (Part 2) and will take a look into the future of social media networking and social media applications, all with the use of smart technologies (Part 3).

For your viewing convenience, you may choose to watch the Full-length version,(running time 9mins 24secs) or you may choose to watch each clip individually (approx. running time 3 mins).